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Category Archives: Play Development

Workshop Premiere, "Hypnotic Murderess"Well, hello.

Time got away from me for a second there.  Things are going really well at Venus Theatre.  So much is in the hopper.

We bid farewell to March (Women’s History Month) having pulled together a band called the sheshes and produced three solo shows.  Two of them were developed at Venus.

That’s why I’ve been a little out of touch.  Today, I cast our international premiere which will be coming to you in May.  It’s called, “The Stenographer” by Zoe Mavroudi.  What an incredible writer she is!  Her solo work has gotten some notice on BBC Radio as well.  Just incredible.

Zoe resides in Athens, Greece so we have about a 12 hour communication gap between us.  Once I get her completely updated, I’ll let you know the details.  I’m really excited about this play.

Some things I’ve learned over the past month:

-Taxes come around every year so might as well just roll with that and not give into too much stress, even if you have to stay up late for a bit.  I say this as I type having been up for about two days on tax deadlines.  *shakes fist at sky*

-Celebrating Her-Story was an incredible journey at Venus Theatre this year.  Women are strong.  And have been since the beginning of time.  Finding their stories is liberating and empowering.

-The stories of strong women are important to men too. Two male playwrights brought women to life this month.  In working with them it became very clear how the stories of women are also the stories of men.

-Maryland is an impressive state.  With 13.3 mill budget passing yesterday the arts will stay alive here.

BRAC at Ft Meade is going to expand the area of Venus Theatre in ways that are hard to articulate.  The numbers are shockingly higher than we were once told.  Approximately as many as 60,000 new jobs are being created in Howard County.

-Venus Theatre is located in Laurel, MD.  Four counties meet in Laurel.  To the North, Howard.  To the South, Prince Georges.  These two counties are simply divided by the Little Patuxent River.  To the East, Anne Arundel.  And to the West, Montgomery.

Add to that the participation Venus has with the Laurel Board of Trade, the Helen Hayes Awards, and the League of Washington Theatres and you can see that life has been keeping me busy.

This is just a quick jot of a blog post.  Hoping your Spring will be magnificent!