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Celtic Bronze Mirror

Okay.  So, on February 14 we will launch 2011 officially here at Venus Theatre.  SO EXCITED!  I’ve had two months to really think and now a month and a half to put people and projects together.

One thing I discovered in my moments of meditation is that I need to continue to celebrate creatively.  Without that, I become an administrator/middle management.  I was born to play and to build a playground.  Using theatre as the medium.  Period.

So, I’ve decided to pick up the guitar and get back to my Molly Passion.  Eventually my play was published in an anthology.  It’s the last play in the collection.  The first is written by Jason Miller.  He was the Priest in the original Exorcist film.  I digress.

We’ve formed a band!  It’s comprised of Amy Rhodes.  She was in the initial Molly Maguire cast.  She plays flute and bass.  And Andrea Abrams.  She was in the touring Molly Project.  She sings and plays a sort of keyboard bagpipe wooden box-thing.  And then, there’s me.  I play guitar and sing.  We mostly know the same songs.  I mostly wrote all of them.  But, we are just learning to play them together.  I find this to be really invigorating and exciting.

We have band practice tomorrow.  Alan is going to be there.  He’s the musical director of Venus Theatre.  He’s a musical genius.  So, I wonder how I’ll sleep tonight because I’m really excited to be in the bAnd.

Here’s the thing.  The name.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hurled band names around.  Rancid Butter.  That’s the one that stuck most.  But, that’s definitely for when I plug in the electric and do socially conscious shredding laced with a feminist message.

The bAnd.  The name?

Okay so I was meeting with a friend.  Okay, we were drinking beer.  Okay, it was a bar crawl in Fells Point.  And, she tells us this story.  Her five year old son is now noticing his anatomy along with the anatomy of well, EVERYONE.

He tells my friend, his Mother, that boys have penises and girls have giants that live in clouds.  Brilliant.  So, I want to name the band Cloud Giants.  But, I don’t think it’s folky enough.

So,  here we are.  In the shows Maeve has been the named singer.  Daughters of Molly Maguire is the name of the initial play.  Then it was, Are you a Daughter of Molly Maguire.  Then, it was the Molly Project.  That became the umbrella.  But, we already have Flogging Molly out there, so I think there’s not much left to do with Molly.

In the initial show I named the characters after celtic goddesses.  So, Amy’s character was called Findabair (white phantom).  So, what do you think of Finda?

For some reason it’s sticking with me.  We are bringing back stories of the dead with this project, always.  And, we are pale women.  My other thought was Mab.  Which is the same character as Maeve.  Or Queen Mab.  Shakespeare used her spelled that way.  She’s Queen of the fairies no matter how you slice it.  Magic.  And, also there’s the beatious poem written by Shelley in 1813.

So, that’s that.  I don’t know.  Thoughts?