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Monthly Archives: December 2018

It’s the first day of Trishmas. This has been so titled by Rana Kay. The idea is to do something that honors the spirit of Trisha each day in the month of December. Rana is doing yoga. And, I’m offering up writing prompts. Simple ones. No word limit, no structure requirements.  Let’s begin…


She wrote it was the thing with feathers

That floats upon the wind.

But they shot that bird down.

Feathers flying about.

One last “caw!”

That was it.

Hope flew out of that little blackbirds mouth and in that moment it clung onto the back of Rage.

Rage was a storm. Elemental. And Hope clung through the whips and slams.

It was in that moment that Hope began to laugh.

To Hope this was no torment. To Hope this was a carnival ride. A steelset permanent rollercoaster that, if given the option and human legs, she would run to the end of the wrap line and ride it again and again. Perhaps because she’d never known that wild ride until then. She’d been pretty romanticized. Perched and chirping. But now, it was all a thrill ride for Hope.

Besides, Hope has never met Fear. They are always dwelling in completely different places so they never have had the occasion to cross paths.

Hope is a giggle

An orgasm

Hope is that drip of ice cream falling off of that sultry cone in the seaside heat. She’s the seemingly lost drip that lands on the tip of your tongue just in the nick of time. Almost miraculously. That little insignificant miracle. She’s the dichotomous tension of what has left us and what is here. What you can taste and what you think you smell. She lives between the senses.

On the tip of your tongue.

And though she be but little, she is luscious and sweet and in that kind of heat she creates a wave that flows through all of you.

Ever elusive.

A permanent giggle.