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“A wise woman wishes to be no one’s enemy; a wise woman refuses to be anyone’s victim.” -Maya Angelou

This day is the day. The day the monster faces a judge. But, what if he didn’t act alone? What if many men raped her? What if there were locations? What if she suffered?

She’s gone now.


And she doesn’t want to be remembered by the worst day(s) in her life.

She’s gone now.




One with the sky.

Still laughing in my head.

Still saying DeeeeaaaeeeB in a way no one else ever has or ever will.

What is justice?

Unless it’s resurrection it’s nothing.


I hope that lady with the blindfold and the scales makes an appearance.

I hope so.

So, maybe I can finally meet her. Because I’ve never known her in my life.

My friend is free.

HE (they?) will NEVER touch her again.

She is free.



I turn my heart into a couch

Like the set of I Dream of  Jeanie

And I fluff the pillows and invite her energy in for a curl up and a good cry. I will hold her anytime she needs me now. I will hold her in my heart. These things did not happen to me, they happened to her. The rape, the strangulation, all that happened to her. And she is still my friend.

I hold her in my heart.


Anytime she needs a good sob because she didn’t know she was leaving. She didn’t mean to leave. She would have said goodbye otherwise.




Just a Jeanie couch in my heart whenever she drops from the sky

I’m right here

Right here

I got you!

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