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“Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.”  -Edgar Allen Poe

She came to me not a desperate raven atop a door perch of my darkest ways.


She came to me a Great White Egret. At the sea where I’d sat alone for days.

I drifted up outside of my shell to see what I could see. Having cherished the darkness and the lack of air it was the safest place for me to be. Until suddenly I realized I couldn’t breath and all of that darkness was drowning me. I drifted up one rainy day and sat beside the sea.

It was there she met me. It’s where we locked eyes. It was there her grace was seen. No matter what the human harm or how violent any of it seemed, she was still right there in front of my eyes dreaming all of her dreams.

Unlike the nevermore spoken by the raven her words were soft and bright.

“Why sit her on this dampened shore when the world is so full of light?”


Was her sound and it stays with me now and follows me wherever I go.

“Why be so sad? Why spend your time on people you’d rather not know?”


I kept that white feather and I left that old shell and I got myself back to my home of old.

The honor is mine, for having her fly -never dying- inside of my soul.





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