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It’s comfortable in the shade. Easy to assume not much is going on.

But, there’s life in the depths of the waters and in the heights of the sky. We just forget to take off our blinders.

Stanivslavski had circles of concentration as part of his acting technique. Labon had a whole dance notation based around the different foci in dance. And Julia Cameron talks in The Artists Way about concentric circles in terms of healthy boundaries.


This is something I’ve been practicing for a while. When I was younger I tried to keep everyone I knew in circles 1-5. In close and with me at all times. That made for a whole lot of conflict.

I had to learn to love the outer circles. Instead of hating someone in circle number three I could love them in the 77th circle. You can’t hear them anymore when they are there but you can see them jumping up and down and waving for attention. That can be comforting. It can be cute to smile back and wave and mouth, “I can’t hear what you’re saying but I love your soul.”.

I think of sitting in the center. In the shade. Of looking out now and instead of being terrified by the ugly world looking forward to the joy of the jumping silent ones. It’s charming.

The lighthouse in the distance is significant in this photo as well. It reminds me that just because someone is not standing with their own doesn’t mean they never will. The fresnel lights up when the day gets dark and the storm is on the shore.

Some people, haven’t to use their lighthouse.


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