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This is Jasmine. She turned 17 on July 1. I’ve never had a dog older than 13 so the whole thing is a fascinating journey.

I’ve always preferred dogs over people. I would adopt them before I could officially adopt them when I was a kid. One time my Dad and my Grandmother found me after a half an hour search. I was next door. At the edge of the neighbors driveway sitting and chatting with Queenie beside her dog house. The people that lived there told me that she was my dog too.

Every dog is amazing. Even the ones with issues.

Mr. Gable and Davey Crockett were my two big guys that saw me into middle age. They were both incredible. Jasmine is incredible too. She teaches me so much every day.

Now that I’m under doc’s orders to slow down it fits in well with Jasmine’s schedule. I rescued her when she was a year old from the neighborhood. Teenage boys were kicking her in the head and she had been attacked by a Rotweiler. She was epileptic and had a hernia. So I took her in and we bonded.

Now that she’s geriatric I get a little glimpse of what she was probably like as a puppy. Suddenly she’s at my feet. And we have to watch her bladder control. We’re a team.

Sometimes I bolt up in the night wondering if she’s still with us and then she becomes annoyed when I wake her up and gives me silent side eye.

She’s teaching me to trust that she’s there until one day when she’s not. And when that day comes that’ll be what it is. But not anticipating tragedy in this life is a real trick. I mean she’s had a great life.

I don’t think she’s lived this long because of her diet. I take my dogs to drive throughs and share happy meals with them. She gets a Starbucks birthday cake pop at least once a week. I think she’s lived this long because she’s had a happy life. It’s as if we are both waiting for the next adventure.

She goes to work with me.

When I was staging Devil Dog Six we ran back the choreography vid and discovered that as we were developing race horses she was too. There we were galloping around the circle of the stage and there she was right behind us galloping too! LIKE A HORSE!

We Are Samurai was promanade/environmental and I’m pretty sure it was Jasmine’s favorite show. I had five performance spaces and four scenes running simultaneously for over an hour. The audience chose the perspective so we were challenged to make each scene both primary and secondary depending on where the audience was standing. We had a garden spiral outback and an altar out front.

She took to running around the building on her own. You could almost hear her laughing. And Daven would bring her treats that were like doggie-crack, so she’d run even faster.

She has also always loved fight choreography. She has a Kujo character and will bite my sleeves and growl. She once bit Grant on the butt during a choreographic rehearsal. It was perfectly timed. One character ran across the stage, Grant followed chasing her, then Jasmine jumped off of my lap and added to the scene with perfect timing. No one was harmed.

For the Stenographer she was carefully staged on the carpet. When the blocking shifted, she moved with it and then took another nap. It was weird when we opened the show and she wasn’t on stage.

These days she still likes being center stage. It’s her favorite spot. And she can always find her light. But, her timing is not what it used to be. I think she’s got a bit of the doggie dementia. Sometimes she will just cross through a very intimate scene click clicking to the back to inspect with no care for the action going on. This happened on the last show, Tunnel Vision. The thing that was surprising was the actors became more intense and intimate inside of their scene.

On a break I apologized and said I wouldn’t bring her anymore but they insisted that it was no distraction and they loved having her around. I thought they were just being nice. But when I stopped bringing her they asked about her all of the time. KyoSin even brought chicken for her and was so disappointed when she wasn’t there.

During In the Goldfish Bowl she would comfort the actors. It was so intense and after scenes she would go around the table and tap in leg by leg to see if they needed a quick pet and a calm down.

She’s just awesome.

She’s my best gurl.

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