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I snapped this picture of this gull after it decided to leave the piling and feed in the minnow trap. All-u-can-eat! Why fish in the open waters when the buffet awaits?

But looking at the image out of context brings up so many more thoughts.


When I was little I dreamed of flying all of the time. But, I still couldn’t get out of my cul-de-sac. Even in my dreams I was stuck inside someonelses boundaries. It was for the best. Still, I could fly.

Some of these birds were on their way to Jamaica. Some were residents of the island. They were all beautiful.

That’s freedom, you know? Flight is freedom. To be in and of the air. It’s incredible.

A lot of times when I’m directing I approach a play conceptually, in terms of staging parameters, with the idea of the elements in mind. Earth, air, fire, water. Sometimes I work with acupuncturists and really dive into this approach with characters and/or design. Looking back I realize how much this has been a part of my process. I never noticed that before.

That’s freedom.

To lift off of the page and find the connections that’s freedom too. Intimate freedom. More intimate now than it’s ever been. Contact. Eye contact. Connection. It’s not many places in our world now. But, it must exist on the stage if not in the positive light of all that it is than in the absence of what should be. In the negative space.

I don’t believe you can create art without connection. And, connection is always intimate.

And freeing.

Like flight.

So this image has me thinking about my company. About Venus Theatre. I’ve had some women I’ve produced laugh off the name. They think maybe it’s trite. Or general. Or stereotypical. But, it’s none of those things to me. It’s intimate.

Derived from one of the most intimate and sensual moments of my life.

A private moment that I won’t talk about here.

A moment of flight.



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