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Venus Theatre welcomes C Street Flats!

Right now the street is being repaved and people are moving in! I mean at this second as I am typing.


Micro Living makes so much sense. These units are compact but very smart in their design. Their residents have each decided they don’t want their lives to be about things. They’d rather spend their time jogging the river path, walking their dog, strolling down Main Street, or catching a happy hour than dusting a room that few will ever enter.

I feel the same way about my art. The Venus Theatre Play Shack is only 1400 square feet, and that includes storage in the basement. If we push things, we can seat 30 people at each performance. We don’t have a gigantic lobby with vacuous air space over a grand stairway. We don’t have a gigantic wood shop or costume shop. Nothing we have is gigantic. But, everything we have works.

Our lights and sound are run off of computer systems. We recycle pieces in our shows and our overhead is so low that we don’t even register on some radars as a professional company. But, we’ve been paying artists for over 15 years now.

Given more funding, I would create more art and eliminate wasted space, positions, and energy.

Micro Creating, like Micro Living, means getting to the true meaning of the experience without the need of excessive overhead.

Micro Creating means to me, finding a script that takes my breath away, and then building a world around that structure. Building that world with competant professionals because contrary to some assumptions, micro creating takes more precision and economy than macro creating.

To support, it means finding funding streams that create opportunities for artists to create works.

We eliminate a lot of administrative steps so that the work is at the center of the experience. Many people say we should have more advertising. Do you know how many artists we could pay for one ad space?

I’m so proud to be a Micro Creator and I cannot wait to meet my Micro Living neighbors!


See you soon,


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