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Venus Theatre has been called intrepid, provocative, cutting edge, “in a shoe box on a shoe string, and that’s no small thing”.

And, we’ve been at it for 10 years.  In fact, TWICE over the past week friends have asked how many scripts I’ve given feedback on and helped bring to the boards, and the answer is…too many to count.  The web will continue to get updated but you can see a narrative of the past several years, which begins to paint the picture.

The bills keep coming and I’m wondering how much longer I can avoid making a dental appointment for myself so that I can pay rent for my theatre.  This starving Artistic Director thing is edgy and exciting in ones 20’s, it’s dark and mysterious and a bit dangerous ones 30’s, but as “one” begins to look at mid-40’s “one” wonders what to call it now.  Seriously.

Over the past 14 days, I’ve been actively seeking funding.  The week before last I asked for $10,000 a day.  The beauty of everything happening online now is that it’s easy to send in a query.  The devastating thing about everything happening online now is that rejection comes flying at you faster than the speed of light.  It’s a lot to process.  So, I’ve had about $100,000 of rejected funds.  And, okay I’m feeling woefully and profoundly sad at my career choice at the moment.  I’m sure this will pass, but it bites to work this hard and be this poverty riddled for so long.

There was a $1,000 donation.  And more financial support is pending.  So, hope abounds.

Here’s where I need you.


First, let me say that every penny goes to rent, utilities, artists, set, costumes, lights, and props.  I can show you every penny.  Nothing it wasted.  So, $5 or $10 would help us right now.  There is no amount too small.

That said, I’m having an idea…

I’d like to challenge anyone who is up for it to raise $250 for Venus Theatre Company.  A nonprofit.  What does that mean?  Well, have a yard sale.  Go over to your Great Aunt’s house, the one you love dearly but haven’t had the time to visit because she puts you to work.  Clean her basement.  Sell her stuff and put a couch where all of that junk used to be, then paint her nails.  Send Venus the check and write it off on your taxes.  You can send monies to:  Venus Theatre Company  21 C Street  Laurel, MD  20707.  Or you can go online and do your thing through our box office service.

Here are some good reasons to take the challenge:

-It’s time you visited and spent time with that relative.

-If you raise $250 or more your name will appear in the Venus Theatre Play Shack storefront.

-Write your experience of raising the money for Venus and you’ll automatically be entered into our “Keeping Women’s Theatre Alive” contest.  If your story is chosen it will be read by yours truly before each performance of the world premiere of, “Play Nice!” in September.

-You should do this because you can.  If you can, that is.  It doesn’t cost a lot to bring cutting edge world premiere work to life, but it does cost something and we need support.

-A challenge is always fun.  If you don’t want to have a yard sale, take a dare from your friends for money and do that thing that you’re a little hesitant of doing.  You know—THAT THING!

A $250 donation by 20 people or groups of people will keep Venus Theatre setting flight to the voices of women through 2010.  Right now, I should be putting a call out for the next set of new plays.  In fact, playwrights are inquiring.  But, I can’t do that in good faith until we take care of the business at hand.  Please take this journey with me.

We need you.

I need you.

I need you bad.

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