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Well, this is it!  The final day of the Carolyn Gage Blog-Off challenge.  She wrote a BEAUTIFUL entry today about the gulf coast.  About taking responsibility as individuals.  About grief.  She is so courageous and so honest.  And, she has the quality that I admire most in people…she keeps growing.  She wants to know more.  She shows up.  She moves through.  She EVOLVES.  Isn’t that the point?

So, I’ll end my blog-off with some advice as well.  I’m not as prolific as Carolyn.  And, there are people out there with much greater wisdom than myself.  But, for what it’s worth, here’s something it’s taken me a long time to learn.  I remind myself of this almost daily.  I think of this when beautiful language eludes me.  I go back to this to weigh in and decide whether or not to engage.  It is a blue collar phrasing, a simple sensibility.  Here goes:

“If you get into a pissing contest there is only ever one guaranteed result, you will smell like piss.”

That’s it.  So gather your facts, weigh your options, make your choices and move ahead.  Let go of the people who want to roll around in the muck and take your precious time and energy.  Keep stepping.

May we all show up and tell our stories through the actions of our lives with grace, dignity, respect, and heaps and gobs of love and compassion!

Thank you my sister Carolyn Gage for the lessons, the love, the patience, your truth!

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  1. and thank you Deb… It’s been an amazing week… I am going to keep going… Would not have happened without you.

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