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One of the many designers on Venus Theatre’s Zelda at the Oasis production is Beth Surdut.  Read about her below.  This beautiful silk will be on silent auction through April 4th at the Venus Theatre Play Shack.  21 C Street Laurel, MD  20707.

Beth Surdut, Visual Storyteller Art for the mind and body at

Beth Surdut comments on The Zelda Shawl, commissioned for the world premiere of Zelda at the Oasis at the Venus Theatre

“The bird of paradise, which bloomed abundantly in my gardens in Hawaii and Florida, is like Zelda, a striking and messy plant, an intricate combination of colorful life, awkward death, and rejuvenation. Each pod contains more than the one bloom that you first see, another blossom appearing as its predecessor dies. In fact, you can reach in with a gentle forcefulness and coax the next bloom into showy existence or break the blossom in the process.”

Beth Surdut’s multi-layered career as an artist and writer includes designing architectural art glass and textiles, painting, illustration, and working as a journalist/commentator for print, radio and cyberspace. Luscious, sumptuous and glowing, Ms. Surdut’s hand painted silk accessories and clothing are a result of breathing in the vast sky and landscape, then breathing out onto silk with brushes and dyes     The artist’s nature explorations have encompassed free diving with Hawaiian sea turtles, hanging from a rope in an island fern forest, riding an Indonesian water buffalo, and canoeing with Florida alligators for three years, earning her the nickname “Gator Girl.”  Her art is collected internationally and has been shown at the Smithsonian Institution, DeCordova Museum , American Textile History Museum , Cahoon Museum of American Art, and the New Zealand Wearable Art Awards. She has designed and painted Celtic motifs for fashion icon Mary McFadden, created numerous fabrics for Hawaiian shirt manufacturers as well as Indian women’s clothing companies. Known for her unique tropical interpretations, she designed table linens for the Boston Museum of Fine Arts blockbuster Gauguin Tahiti exhibit. Ms. Surdut currently resides in the high desert of New Mexico, where Raven, Bringer of Magic, called her to create the art and story of Listening To Raven~Drawings, Myths & Realities, an ongoing exploration of science and spirit. These detailed story drawings, created with pen and pencil, heart and mind, are a vision quest expanded by paying attention to small moments.

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